Website Header Design

Knowing exactly what you should include in the header of a website is the most important factor in getting good conversion rates. In this post, we will discuss how the header of your website design can help you get better conversion rates and more customers from the internet. We will discuss the different elements of the header and how they influence the production of your site.

Meta Tags or Meta Data

The header of your website should have a Meta title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords. In short, these items let search engines know exactly what your page is about. This gives search engines the ability to determine where your site should rank in search results amongst your competitors. Your site is then indexed and the information you place in your meta tags is displayed to people searching for your services. This means that your meta tags are speaking to 2 audiences: Search Engines and Potentials Customers. The best thing to think about when coming up with good meta tags is the needs of your customer. Ask yourself “What will a person look for if they needed the information on this page?” If you do an effective job at answering this question with your meta tags, your website will generate more traffic. For more information on basic search engine optimization factors click here.

Header Design & Layout

There are many different ways that you can design or layout your website header. Whether you have a header menu that is horizontal at the top or vertical on the left side of your site is up to you. However, there are other very important factors that will go a long way to making sure that your site gets good conversion rates. You need to include your

  • business name
  • company logo
  • phone number big and bold
  • Social Media Channels

While all of these items may seem obvious to many, the company phone number(the most important item) is often the most neglected item in website design. I have heard everything from I don’t need it there it’s on my contact page to let them send me an email I don’t have time to answer the phone I can just call them back later. Web surfers are lazier than ever, if you don’t put your contact information in an easy location for them to call you then they will just find another website that does. And with there being thousands, and in some cases, millions of other web pages talking about the same thing you are talking about it won’t be that hard for them to find.

An important part of a good search engine optimization strategy is strong conversion rates. When you are working on your website header it comes down to 2 things; first think about what person if they needed the information on your page, then when they click on your page make it easy for them to get the information they need.

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