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Whether you choose to compete or not, there are businesses that are trying to target your next potential customer. It is your responsibility to give yourself the highest chance of impacting their decision. To make a website that will win you need to use these website design tips that will help you to get a return on your website investment.

Determine Your Market – If you are working with a limited budget, make a website specifically for an area or areas that you can dominate. For example, if you live in a major city like Atlanta, be sure to market every page of your website to Atlanta, GA. However, if your business is located in several different cities in different states it is better for you to provide specific information about your offices in those cities. Important information like your phone number and address is very important so that new visitors to the site will recognize you as a local business in their area. In order to do this, some web professionals make specific pages for each city, while others simply include phone numbers and addresses to each location on the contact page.

Make It Easy For Your Customer To Contact You – Some people prefer to call businesses, others would rather send an email and do everything online. Consider including your phone number, as well as, a conversion form on every page of your website. For service-related businesses, this can make a significant difference. This is one of the easiest things to do to improve your conversion rate on your website. It is your job to make it easy for the customer to contact you, not their job to learn how to use your website to give you their contact information.

Update Your Website As Often As You Can – As your website starts to generate more phone calls you will start to recognize common questions that people have when they call for more information. Be sure to update your website with answers to these questions, as well as, come up with other creative ways of selling your product or service.

Make a website that will win by marketing in specific areas, making it easy for your customer to contact you, and updating your website often. By using these tips, you give yourself the best chance of a website design that makes you money.

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