Website Conversion Essentials

Most people might think of good website conversion rates as more of an art than a science.  After all, the chances that a passive reader will turn into an active client can often be boiled down to being at the right place at the right time, with a dash of luck thrown in.


Actually, I’m here to prove otherwise.  When you know the ultimate list of website conversion essentials, converting website visitors into clients becomes a surefire science.  So if you’re wondering what to include on your website, read on for the ultimate list of website conversion essentials:

  • A creative and impactful logo that’s prominently featured on all your web pages;
  • A catchy slogan;
  • Your list of services.  You should quickly sum this up on your home page, and devote a separate page to your services;
  • A blog where your clients can read more about fresh and relevant industry news;
  • Links to your social media accounts;
  • Any certifications or affiliations you might have;
  • Answers to common questions;
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for your website – this is essential for protecting you from any legal issues;
  • A sitemap;
  • On-page SEO factors on every page of your website;
  • And photos of your work.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s take a look at a few other important ways to help your website good conversion rates:

Web Content: Your web content is the most crucial part of a high-conversion website.  Why is this, you might ask?  Simple: unlike real-world businesses, your online site is the only opportunity people have to get to know you.  Therefore, your web content should reflect your professionalism and dedication to accuracy while also balancing the need to be informative and relevant.  If you don’t consider yourself to be a strong writer, consider bringing a web content writer on board to help out.

What Makes You Different: Don’t just gloss over what sets you apart from your competition – make it one of the many highlights of your website!  Potential customers want to know why they should spend their dollars with your company, rather than your competition.  Make realistic claims, but don’t drag your competitors through the mud (no matter how tempting it might be).

Pricing Information: You might be tempted to hide your pricing information, especially if you want to convert customers.  But here’s where listing your prices comes in handy: it deters people who won’t pay your minimum price from contacting you.  As a business owner, this saves you plenty of time and frustration.  However, a con of displaying your pricing information is that a consumer might not want to pay your prices because they don’t necessarily know the value of your service.  These two factors should be seriously considered before deciding which option is the best for your business website.

Converting customers doesn’t have to boil down to luck – especially with these website conversion essentials by your side!

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