More businesses than ever have contacted me in regards to website repair and website fixes. Anything from broken pages,  mobile responsiveness, hacked websites, or fixing shopping cart. In this article, I will discuss the most common website errors that I have found for websites.


Broken Links – Broken links are the most common problems I have found on a website. Whether it’s an attorney website, plumber site, or a small catering service; I have found that if anything ever goes wrong it is a broken link on a page. Typically these broken links happen from expired website links to other sites, improper linking to pages, or the page has been deleted/removed. While this is the most common error, this is usually the easiest to fix. Simply remove the link or update with the correct URL to the page it should link to.

Website Hack/Virus – A growing problem for websites all around the world is website hacking. It has been my experience that any website owner who has had any success with search engine optimization will have to deal with some sort of website hack, malware, web spam, or virus.


Other Common Website Errors

Unlabeled Images-

No Header Tags/Duplicate

Not Mobile Friendly

Not Search Engine Friendly