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Know The Importance Of A Website

Ever wonder why so many people say that it is important to have a website? In the 21st-century, businesses without websites are seen in the same light as of late 90s mobile phones: outdated, behind the times, and even a little suspicious.  With more businesses of all sizes jumping online, there just isn’t an excuse for a lack of a web presence anymore.  And when even your neighbor’s 14-year-old kid has his own website selling lemonade, you know it’s time to introduce your business to the World Wide Web. If you’re still on the fence about going virtual, here are the top five reasons why people (your potential customers) say they don’t buy from companies without a website:
  • The Company Doesn’t Seem Legitimate.  As previously mentioned, nearly everyone has their own website these days.  So those in the minority are seen as behind the times – they’re seen as having something to hide or not the best in their field.  After all, why wouldn’t they want to make it easier for customers to seek them out?  No matter how stellar of a reputation you have in the 9 to 5 world, a website gives you credibility and legitimacy.
  • They Can’t See A Company’s Work.  A website gives a business the perfect opportunity to show off its fantastic work and high-quality products.  By creating things like an online portfolio, review section, and videos about their services, they give potential clients more reasons to move forward. Many times, businesses without a website are not able to give clients the extra push they need to feel like they have found the perfect company.
  • Found Another Company Online.  If your competitor has a website, then you better believe that he or she is trying to reach all of your valuable customers.  For years companies have remained quiet while they have generated thousands of customers online. They know that it works, and they continue to invest in their site year after year.
    •                 Note: If you are unsure this is true I challenge you to do this exercise.  Go to the top 2 companies in your area online and look at their advertising strategy. See if you can contact their internet advertising company to estimate how much it would cost for you to do the same advertising.  If they are spending a good investment per month in advertising and consistently paying it every month, chances are it is working very well for their company.
  • They’re Unsure If A Company Offers The Service They Need.  If your customers aren’t certain about the kinds of services you offer, then they’re not going to buy from you.  Period.  For example, not all plumbers install water heaters or work with septic systems – and if a potential client can’t determine if the plumber offers that service or not, then they’ll take their dollars elsewhere.  A website instantly clears up any confusion by providing potential customers with an in-depth look into products, services, and company mission.
  • They Can’t Find A Business Online.  Of course, there’s the not-so-simple matter of being unable to find your business at all.  The modern consumer doesn’t want to search high and low for your business name – and they certainly won’t, because they’ll just do business with your online competitors.
If you haven’t already made the leap into the World Wide Web, then it’s time to do so now.  You don’t need to have a small fortune to build a site either; there are plenty of professional and affordable web designers who will take care of it all for you. In the next article, we’ll explore even more ways you can spot a great website design company for your small business! Elite Web Professionals provide custom WordPress website designs to help you build your brand name while making it easy for you to provide information to your customers.  For information on how we can help you with your website needs, browse our WordPress website prices. We provide comprehensive website design, and internet advertising services to help you grow your business online. Not convinced, find out 33 reasons why you need a website right now. UFQUPEZ5KEM2