Blog writing is one of the most powerful search engine optimization tools on the internet right now. For many, however, writing blog articles is much easier said than done. In this article, we will talk about how to write a great blog article for your website. We will discuss how to choose a great article heading, how to make your article short and sweet, the importance of giving definitions for terms your readers aren’t familiar with, and how to close your article.

Choose A Great Article Heading

The best way to choose a great article heading is to listen to your customers. Many times the questions that your customers ask you are the same questions millions of people all over the world have about your business. If you can find a way to make your blog a resource for the answer to these questions, then your website will get more traffic than you can handle.

Make Your Article Short And Sweet

Many writers can easily create a 1500 word article in minutes. While this may be good at showing you are the expert, it may be intimidating to a reader looking for an answer to a question they had on a topic.

For the best results, try to keep your posts between 400 – 750 words. This will give your reader a chance to get the information they are looking for from your article and leave them time to read through your website to find out more about your company and how you can serve them.

Note: A great way to make your article even more reader-friendly, is to provide sub-headers that summarize what your article is about. These sub-headers are great for both your reader and search engines because they provide short summary of each section of your post.

Provide Definitions To Terms Your Reader May Not Be Familiar With

When you introduce a term to your reader that they may not be familiar with, it is important to provide a definition.  Many writers choose to link to another page on their website that defines this unknown term, while others will link to Wikipedia or other authoritative sites.

Ask For Business

When closing your article always remember to introduce your company and how your company can serve the reader. While this may not be a huge ranking factor, it is an important conversion factor. In order to convert a reader to a potential customer, it is important to ask for their business. Provide information on the services you offer, how they can get more information on your services, and a way to contact you if they need your service right now.

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