Choose Best Web Professional For Your Website Design and Advertising

Let’s face it. There are many very important decisions to make when you start a new business. Making the right decision on a web professional will determine the success or failure of your online advertising campaign. Before you choose your web design company and decide on how you are going to advertise your business online, here are some essential tips on how to choose the right company.

Will You Own Website?

Many people assume that because they choose a web professional to design a website, that they own the website. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is not true. In some cases, internet advertising companies will only offer ownership of only the domain name. Others will offer partial ownership, meaning that you wouldn’t have exclusive ownership of the design. These business owners are disappointed to find that other businesses around the country have an exact copy of their website. Be sure to ask your company if you are getting a custom website design and if you have exclusive rights to the site.

How Does Their Website Rank?

If a company is offering to design and promote your website, you should consider if you like that company’s marketing efforts. The most important factor to look for is if they are ranking on Google for their business name. To find out if this is the case, simply go to Google and search for the name. If the company that you are considering to advertise your business is not on the first page, do not allow them to build your website. If you are competing in a more competitive market, search for keywords in their city. If this is an SEO company, search for SEO advertising and their city. For example, if the company is located in Atlanta, GA search for SEO advertising Atlanta!

Our Previous Clients Performing Well?

When you are looking to hire a new employee, you require 3 references from previous employers. Requesting references for your web professional is just as important. While a company is doing their presentation with websites they have designed take notes. Write down the name of the business and consider keywords for their business. Do a search for these businesses on Google for their name and keywords in their city as you did for the company.

Can You Add Content To Your Website At any time?

Being able to add content to your website is very important in the competitive market of online advertising. There are questions that your customers ask you every day that may be the information that a new potential customer needs to know to make a buying decision. When you get a question like this from your customers, you should be able to easily add an article to your website. Content Management Systems like Joomla, Word Press, and Drupal makes it very easy to add content at any time

Definite time for completion of the project?

Depending on how many features are in your website design will determine how long it will take to complete your site. An experienced web professional will be able to take all of these features into consideration and give a timeline on design. Ask for a timeline on completion of design, as well as, possible lead generation.

Choosing the right website design and web professional is very important, and can be very challenging. Hopefully, these tips will put you one step closer to the right website design for your business.

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