Search engine optimization(SEO) is the biggest tool right now to build a brand name, establish credibility, and get customers from the internet. Websites that have been optimized well, show up on the left side of search results of search engines below-sponsored results. This area is called organic results or organic placement. Organic results account for about 65 -75% of clicks from search engines. Organic results on major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing have proven to be the most unbiased and reliable information. Many people use the organic results to research a product, service, place, and etc before they make a buying decision. The biggest benefit of SEO to local businesses is that every click from organic results to a website is free. In part 3 of internet, advertising defined we will uncover how local SEO can help your website, why it works, and what type of program would be best for your business.

When I speak with business owners about investing in search engine optimization, the first thing that they say is that it is too expensive. This is simply not true. Actually, in most cases, it is the complete opposite. I’ll explain. You own a website that you built for free, and it doesn’t generate customers for your business. While your competitor has a website that he pays someone $1000 per month to advertise on search engines, that brings him $10,000 per month in return. Your free website is costing you $9,000 per month to have. By strategically advertising on search engines, you give yourself the greatest chance of making money from your website. By doing nothing, however, your website will bring you the same in return.

Local Seo

Seo can require a high initial investment when you are talking about marketing to an entire country or an entire world. However, when you target a smaller area your costs can be very affordable. Many people call this type of search engine optimization “local SEO”. Local SEO can help you increase quality traffic to your website by helping your website to land on the first page of search engines organically in a specific area. The location that best represents the information, products, or services you offer is where your local SEO will be the least expensive. For example, if you are a plumber with an office in Atlanta, GA. Based on the competition in your area, it is much less expensive for you to advertise your business in Atlanta than anywhere in the world. Local SEO is the process of helping your website move to the front of search results on major search engines in your local area.

Businesses that claim a position organically have shown search engines that they are the most beneficial to their users, therefore they are placed at the front of search results to provide information, a product, or a service. There are many factors that search engines use to determine what website is the most beneficial for their users. One of the major factors that search engines consider is the age of the website. Another important factor is how well a website communicates to search engines the information that is on the website called on-page search engine optimization(SEO). Other factors include website load time, bounce rate, popularity, domain name, and many other factors.

Internet advertising companies that specialize in local SEO can offer you very affordable rates for advertising on search engines. When investing in local SEO, be sure to ask if you will own the domain name, as well as, the website. Some companies will do a good job of helping you advertise on search engines, but will never allow you to own your website. The second you stop paying them, they give you your domain name and take your site down. Without knowing how to include the aforementioned factors properly, you may not be able to effectively recreate a website that ranks well on search engines. Other internet advertising companies will still try to charge you outrageous rates for local SEO services, claiming that the competition in your area warrants these prices. While in some cases competition will cause the initial investment to be higher, many companies take advantage of unsuspecting advertisers. For the most affordable rates, I would recommend investing with a local SEO company that specializes in all three major parts of search engines. These companies have a better chance of reducing costs on each service, by using them to complement each other.

In conclusion, local SEO can help you increase quality traffic to your website helping your website to land on the first page of search engines organically in a specific area. By targeting your local area, you can dramatically reduce your cost of advertising on search engines.

This concludes my 3 part series to “Local Seo and Internet Advertising Defined“. After careful consideration of map listing, sponsored results, and organic placement the best local SEO and internet advertising program for your business should include all three parts of major search engines.

Choosing the right internet advertising strategy will take time, and can be very challenging. Hopefully, these tips will put you one step closer to the right internet advertising for your business.

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