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When it comes to Internet marketing, many online entrepreneurs assume that they’re at the mercy of online search engines. After all, it may seem like no matter how much effort you put into your website, blog, and articles, your customer traffic is only going to increase when Google or Bing has the decency to move you up to the first page. It sure is understandable if you feel this way. But if you’re letting your fear of search engines hold you back from that online cash, you need to completely change your entire outlook. Search engines don’t have YOU at their mercy; rather, YOU are the person who has to tell search engines what to do. And once you do exactly that, search engines will propel your website straight to the top listing on page one. How to Tell Search Engines What To Do You might think I’m crazy, but hear me out for a second here. Thanks to so many changing algorithms and formulas, Internet marketers have become so focused on what search engines want that they’ve lost sight of the primary purpose of search engines: to connect readers with industry experts. That’s right. Think about it from the perspective of a search engine. A search engine’s primary function is to connect users with the exact information they’re looking for. If the search engine can’t connect users with industry experts, those users are going to take their business elsewhere. With this in mind, it becomes clear to see that search engines are desperate for one thing…. Industry experts. Search engines need your help. If you can show that you’re an expert in your industry or niche, then your website is going to skyrocket straight to the top of search engine listings. Search engines aren’t out to randomly penalize you (although I’ll admit, it can certainly feel that way!). They’re just looking for the experts that will give their users the precise information they’re looking for. After all, if the users find what they’re looking for on a specific search engine, chances are they’ll end up using it again and again! How To Show That I Am An Industry Expert Start A Blog – Write articles that answer common questions in your business, provide before and after photos of your recent projects, or give tips on how people can save money or make more money. Make Videos – Make videos that show what sets you apart from your competitors. Maybe you are able to do your service faster, or maybe you can do your service in a more cost effective way. The goal with your videos is to show features and benefits of you delivering a product or service. Update Your Website Regularly – Whether you are simply adding new products, or adding additional features to services you already offer, you show search engines that your site is the expert in your industry. Search engines tend to favor websites that make frequent updates. Look at your website as your second business location. You would never go 6 months without going to the office and expect your business to be successful, right? The same goes for your website. If you simply remember to make frequent updates to your website, you will find that your website traffic from search engines will greatly improve. Your ultimate goal is to position yourself as an expert in your industry or niche. Once you have this down pat, you’ll be in a prime – and very enviable – position to gain that top spot on the search engine charts and stay there. Elite Web Professionals provide a simple website design process and an effective ways to promote website online.  For information on how we can help you with your website needs, browse our website for more information on our website design services click here. We provide comprehensive search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising services to help you grow your business online. Find out 33 Reasons Why You Need A Website Right Now.