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When it comes to making a ton of cash on the Internet, you don’t need an idea that’s bound to rival Apple.  Heck, you don’t even need an actual physical product. There are tons of online entrepreneurs that make a killing by selling ebooks, webinars, and other informational products. Your website can help you generate new customers in more ways than just helping you get phone calls. Find out how to use your website to get email addresses to help you generate new customers.

If you want your company to start earning tons of money, then it pays to learn how to collect the email addresses of potential customers.  The good news is that there are plenty of methods of collecting email addresses that are low-cost or even free.

What’s more, customers that are marketed to by email are much more likely to purchase from you than if you don’t use email marketing.  These are potential customers who have opted in to receive email from you, so they’re already inclined to see what you have to offer.  And that’s what making money online is all about – getting yourself tons of pre-qualified traffic.

So how can you collect the email addresses of potential customers?  Simple: you just have to utilize these techniques!

Start a Newsletter

A newsletter can help your customers see that you’re an expert in your industry.  A newsletter is usually stuffed with valuable content and advice that your customers are desperate to use.  However, there’s only one catch: your customers will have to provide their email addresses in order to access the newsletter.  Have your website designer build an opt-in form on your website, and sign up with an email delivery system like Constant Contact or AWeber.  This way, you can provide free content to your customers, which will increase the likelihood that they’ll buy from you.

Get Warm Leads From Your Store or Business

Warm leads are similar to pre-qualified traffic: they’re people that are in the market to buy the products that you offer.  Have your current customers send you referrals, or place an email sign-up sheet in your store.  Another great way to generate email addresses from your physical location is to offer a contest or drawing. A contest is great because you can get valuable information from someone thinking about buying your products or services. Remember to get their full name, email address, phone number(in case they win),  and have them choose from a list of products or services that you offer that they may be interested in. Even if your customers don’t buy that day, you still have their email addresses – and that will give you a better chance to get their business in the future.

Use Yearly Information

For restaurants, cake bakeries, hair salons, or even car services this is especially helpful. Don’t forget to ask for birthdays, anniversaries, or other important dates that are relevant to your services.  You can send follow-up information on these dates and try to prompt a sale by using a special discount.  For example, you could email a customer a 10% off coupon for their birthday or anniversary.  This greatly increases the chances that the customer will buy from you.

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