Website Slider Ideas

If you are wondering what is the best slider for your website the decision is much easier than you think.  Search engines like Google have grown so much over the past 2 years giving web designers and business owners the ability to be much more flexible with their website.

What I’m talking about is flash!

Flash Slider On Website

Yes, as a search engine optimization company I am saying that it is ok to add flash to your website now.

However, not in the ways that many companies choose to use flash with the entire website is flash inside of a frame. I am speaking of the option of adding a strategic flash header that delivers the look or image that best represents your company. The reason for this is that search engines like Google have found a way to successfully crawl flash files, which now helps them to be able to do a better job indexing content from sites that have flash content. For more information on this click here.

My only recommendation for a flash video is that you remember to make sure that the flash file is not so big that it affects the loading time of your page. Search engines now are using the time that your site takes to load as a ranking factor so while for years companies have been trying to use flash, now it is finally ok, it is still important to keep in mind the speed of your site. While search engines are better are crawling flash it is still not the best option for your slider. The best option for your slider is a JavaScript slider.

JavaScript Sliders

For those of you that want to get closer to the simple search engine optimization strategies than choosing a simple JavaScript slider for your website is the option for you.  First I would like to address the notion that JavaScript is just as bad as a flash. This is completely false. The biggest flaw with many sites which use JavaScript is that the developer embeds navigation inside of JavaScript menus which render the links invisible to search engine crawlers and therefore the crawler won’t follow those links. However, if you remove the navigation from the JavaScript it then becomes a very powerful scripting tool to help you achieve various effects that you can’t get with HTML.

JavaScript is also handy in helping you reduce code bloat.

Code bloat is what we call it when a regular HTML file approaches the file size limits imposed by the search engines. While there is debate on the actual size, Google said that it can easily index files up to about 100 kB (kilobytes) but may have problems with files that are larger.

Sometimes, there are aspects within a file that must exist for that page to render properly. And sometimes JavaScript can be used to help maintain that functionality but also help reduce the actual file size.

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