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If you are wondering “how to advertise my business website on the internet”, you already realize the earning potential that the internet makes available to any business.  You have also created a successful website that represents the professionalism of your business but is looking for ways to generate customers with all of the tools available on the internet. In this article, we will discuss how to advertise your website, as well as, grow your business using the internet. We will discuss creating a blog, claiming your free listings on yellow page directories and social media, create free classified ads, track your results, and get reviews.

Create A Blog

That’s right! Creating a blog right now will probably be your best opportunity to generate lasting traffic from visitors who are looking for your business. In many cases, visitors looking to get information for a service that they need right away.

A blog is simply a website with a writer’s opinion on a particular subject. There are a few reasons that make a blog very effective for a business website.  It gives a business owner an opportunity to answer common questions of customers, deliver free advice that potential customers don’t know, and give company information.

Claim Free Directories and Social Media

Another very important step for your business website to gain momentum on the internet will be to get listed on all of the major free directories and social media sites.  A website like Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle, Google Places, Yahoo Local are a few of the free directories that you will need to claim, while creating your Facebook Fan page, getting a Twitter page, and being listed on LinkedIn are also very important.

Getting listed on all of these directories are very important for your website because it helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing verify the physical location of your business, and verify your company website and phone number.  There are many other reasons why claiming your Facebook & Twitter pages are so effective however using these as tools to publish the content from your blog to people in your network will help your website to generate targeted traffic right away.

Caution: When you get listed on these free directories, expect to get phone calls from salespeople right away. Although this may be very annoying at first, it is a necessary evil for your business to get visibility online. While I don’t personally endorse any of these companies myself, some of them have interesting programs, some of which my customers have gotten great results. However, be wary of companies that are very pushy, and be very careful if a company requires you to sign a contract.

Create Free Classified Ads

Millions of people search classified directories like Craigslist, Backpages, and Olx to find the best deals on whatever they are in the need of.  Creating specials that you can list on these websites can generate customers right away. It is very important to remember when creating classified ads to include your company name, phone number, create a simple ad, and provide a link to your website. While this may take a little practice at first, it can be very effective at getting customers from the internet.

Track Your Results

So now you have a website that has a blog on it. You have been blogging about common problems your customers face involving the product or service you offer and setting up specials on classified sites. You have claimed all of your free directory listings, and set up all of your social media pages. Now it’s time to measure your success. It is very important to have Analytics software like Google Analytics on your website to see what visitors are coming to your site, what they are searching for, where they are located, and how they found you. By tracking your results you find

  • How well you are communicating to your potential customers;
  •  Get ideas of additional topics for your blog;
  • See what sites are getting you the best traffic;
  • Determine what topics generate customers for your business.

Use this information to come up with new blog posts, target websites that are generating quality traffic to your business, and create better specials that convert into customers.

Get Reviews

Now that you have worked so hard to get customers with your website, be sure to get reviews from every customer.   Websites like Kudzu, Yelp, and Google Places offer a free review tool to start getting your customer reviews, however more and more companies are trying to find ways to host reviews of their business on their own website.  By hosting their own reviews, companies have the ability to make it easier for their customers to write reviews and gain the ability to respond to their customers without having a paid account with these directories.

Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click

This post would be incomplete if I did not mention search engine optimization(SEO) and pay-per-click advertising.  While all of the items that I mentioned above are effective, studies have shown that these 2 forms of advertising are the most effective forms of advertising. For more information on these services contact an internet advertising company to find out how these programs can benefit you.

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