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Use Your Website To Get Rid Of Customer Complaints

Running a successful business is a fulfilling and enjoyable venture – until you experience a customer complaint, that is. While customer complaints are just another aspect to running a business, there’s no denying that they can be considerably upsetting to see, especially when they resemble the following:

  • Unclear Instructions – A customer is upset because he or she is unsure about how to use your product.
  • Unable To Contact Customer Support – A customer is angry because he or she did not receive the attention he or she wanted during the transaction process.
  • Unclear About What Your Product Does – A customer demands his or her money back due to confusion about what your products or services are intended for.

While every business will encounter a different version of customer complaints, it’s important to realize that there is a great way to overcome these unwarranted bad reviews and complaints – and it involves using your website. Find out how to stop unwarranted bad reviews by using your website.

Your website represents a great opportunity to provide your customers with a point of reference for any policy and terms of use questions they might have. For example, the customer who is angry because he or she doesn’t know how to use your product may find the exact answer to his or her question…

Meaning that you’ll be spared from facing a barrage of customer complaints.

To use your website as a point of reference for using your products or services, consider implementing the following steps:

  • Clear Instruction On How To Use Your Product – Make sure that you detail how to use your products or services in a clear and concise manner. Don’t overload your customers with technical details, as this may cause them to become even more confused.
  • Don’t Use Industry Jargon – Refrain from speaking to your customers in a condescending tone. If you make the instructions read like it should be obvious how to use your products or services, you may find that your customers might get insulted.
  • Make Information Easy To Find – Place these references in an easy-to-find spot. Your customers don’t want to hunt for answers – they want them as soon as they need them.
  • Use Video Tutorials – If the instructions are particularly complicated, complement them with videos that demonstrate how to implement the steps. Your visually-focused customers may thank you for it.
  • Common Questions And Answers – A great way to eliminate confusion about your product or service is to provide answers to common questions. This will help you to provide answers to customer questions after business hours which can save yours and your customer’s time. If you are wondering of where to get your common questions from, start with the questions you get from your everyday customers. A great place to start is with;
    • How much is the product or service?
    • How long does your service take?
    • How long will it take to get the product?
    • How do I care for this product properly?
    • Do you offer any warranty or guarantees?
  • Show All Reviews On Your Website – It is very important to show all reviews of your customers. Respond quickly and resolve any negative reviews. A customer may be less likely to give a bad review of an issue that you have already resolved for previous customers.
  • Provide Customer Service Contact Information – Be sure to make customer service easily accessible. While your site can be an excellent tool to answer your customers’ questions, it is important for all of your customers to be able to contact customer support when needed.

When putting these steps to use on your website, make sure that your customers can easily find contact information for you in case they still can’t make sense of your products or services. If this keeps happening, you may want to consider streamlining your products for easier use.

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