Press Release Writing

Atlanta SEO company, Elite Web Professionals, provide expert press release writing services to help you increase website traffic by telling the world of your businesses most notable changes, updates, inventions, etc.  When it comes to website marketing, you may think you have your bases covered.  For example, you know that your website content needs to be optimized with competitive keywords to rake in the traffic.  You understand that your blog can make the difference between a trickle and a torrent of online traffic.  Finally, you know that article marketing is another crucial aspect to successful website marketing.

But if this is the extent of your website marketing, then you’re missing out on another vital component – and it’s one that could lend your website some serious credibility.

That’s right: we’re talking about press release writing.

Why Press Release Writing Matters

So why does press release writing make such a huge difference in your website marketing?

It’s simple: major press release websites have incredibly high SEO rankings, which means that any backlinks embedded in your press release are supercharged with tons of SEO juice.  This means that you won’t just pull in more online traffic; search engines will see your website as an incredibly valuable part of your chosen industry or niche.

Like article directories, press release sites make it easier for your SEO content to rank higher while you’re optimizing your website.  For example, let’s say you wanted to place in the top ten search results for the term “keyword optimization.”  If you build a website around this keyword, it might take some time to place, as you’ll be in direct competition with bigger and older websites (two factors that search engines value highly when ranking SEO content).

But a single press release that’s been optimized by SEO experts can quickly zoom up to the top ten in your search results – and that means more online traffic will be intrigued by your website.  The more traffic to your site, the higher your site starts to rank.

It’s all thanks to a single 500-word press release!

Your Ultimate Press Release Writing Service

Elite Web Professionals is the ultimate press release writing service because we know exactly what it takes to compose a highly optimized, newsworthy and successful press release.  Unlike a web page or an article, press release writing follows its own set of rules, including:

  • Writing a press release from a newsworthy angle. Press release sites won’t publish your PR unless it’s considered “newsworthy”;
  • Including several high-profile quotes and biographical information to further add to the newsworthy angle;
  • Understanding the exact time to release your PR page;
  • And so much more.

It’s time to let Elite Web Professionals take the guesswork out of your press release writing – and get you results faster.

If you want to guarantee that you’ll not only place on major search engines, but you’ll provide your online readers with valuable, compelling and newsworthy press release writing, then look no further than Elite Web Professionals.  We work with the most experienced writers in the business, so they know what it takes to market your website.

Contact Elite Web Professionals today at (770) 766-5600 for information on press release writing for your business. We look forward to helping you reach your Atlanta small business goals! If you are interested in more information about online advertising, web design, visit our blog, or browse our website for information on SEO Business Advertising..