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When you are looking for ways to get customers from the internet, you need to find the best websites to advertise your business website for free. In my first article about promoting your business for free, I spoke primarily about taking advantage of your online portfolio. In this post, I would like to provide the best websites to advertise your business website for free. All of these websites offer free tools that generate great visibility for your business website. Find ideas on how to use these free tools to make money right now.


Merchant Circle

When I think about online directories & yellow pages, the first 1 that comes to mind almost every time is  Merchant Circle is a social media network for businesses.  Create your free business profile and receive a free listing on this powerful website with a Google Page Rank of 8. Your free business listing comes with a map to your business, a blog, a coupon page, and a newsletter. Merchant Circle will assist you with networking with other businesses, as well as, reach customers fast with coupon offers or blog posts that have been known to reach the first page of Google in hours/days and not weeks.  If you don’t already have a blog, this is a great tool for your website to answer common questions and create a dialog with other business owners and/or buyers.


There are many classified sites on the internet that do very well, and Backpage is up there with the best of the best.  Online classified sites are good for offering specials or discounts for online shoppers looking for the best deal. What makes Backpage so special is how easy it is to post a classified ad. It’s as simple as clicking on your city, and clicking posts an ad.

Google Places

Google Places has been a dominant form of free advertising now for over 4 years now.  By claiming your free listing on Google Places, you gain free visibility on the first page of Google in your local area.  For many businesses, this means big bucks.  Take an “ABC Cleaning Service”, for example,  that claims their free listing on Google Places with an Atlanta, Ga address. When a homeowner or business searches for a cleaning service in Atlanta they will see “ABC Cleaning Service” with their customer rating and local address on the1st page Google.  This means a potential customer will see how close a business is to their home or business. If you don’t have your Google Places listing claimed and verified, you must get this verified right away.


Many experts believe that the future of online advertising is in video marketing and YouTube is leading the way. With a user-friendly interface, almost anyone can create a channel and upload a video from their computer in minutes. Google also makes this attractive by giving some videos priority placement in search results. Many businesses are taking advantage of this added exposure by creating videos for each service they offer.


Facebook is the second largest website on the internet, only to Google. Millions of people join Facebook every week simply to Socialize, while business owners are taking advantage of marketing opportunities this unique website creates.  By simply connecting with your friends and family you generate a network of hundreds and in some cases thousands of people.  Companies can utilize this network for free by communicating within their own network and creating contests to generate interest.


Twitter is one of the fasting growing websites in the world, but what makes this site truly special is its unique ability to help with lead generation by finding leads, and providing live updates to customers on any aspect of your business.  The feature gives you the ability to see what people are talking about on Twitter. Giving a two-fold benefit to businesses. First, it allows businesses to search for potential customers looking for the services they offer. For example, if you offer roofing services and someone just recently experienced a hail storm. They may go to Twitter and say something like “#haildamage to my house in Atlanta, Ga”.  The roofing company can simply use for “#haildamage” and this tweet and many others like this all over the country will show up for people who need service right away.

The second way the Twitter search feature benefits businesses is if this same roofer is out of town following a storm in another city, he may tweet “#haildamagerepair City, St reply for emergency help”. Twitter users in need of help may search for “hail damage repair City, St” and get a response right away for emergency service.

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