Hosting Account Your Own

It’s that time again! Time to get your website redesigned and give it that new look that you always wanted.  Then your web professional asks you that dreaded question “What is your FTP information for your website”. While you may have had the same website for years, you just can’t seem to keep up with this simple username and password. Find out how to get access to a domain name and hosting account you own, even if you don’t remember the company who you are registered with.

There are many benefits to hosting your own domain name and hosting account.   If you already have a website, and you would like to continue to host your own domain name and website, then you need to provide an FTP username and password to your new designer.  Most commonly when I speak with people about getting this information they have no idea where to even start. Follow these simple steps to get access to your hosting information:

    • Do A Whois Search: Use the Whois database to find out where your domain name and your website are being hosted.  Look for the “Registrar” on your domain name.
    • Find Registrar: Once you find the registrar for your domain name does a search for their name to get their contact information.  For example, if your registrar is Godaddy, go to Google and search for “Godaddy customer service”. Phone numbers should be on the results page of Google or on the company’s website.
    • Verify Ownership of Account: Once you have this information you may be able to call them to get access to your account. If you don’t have your username and passwords then you can simply verify ownership of your account by providing the company with an answer to the security question you set up for your account, or in some cases, you will need to provide the last 6 digits of the credit card that was used to process the most recent payment for your site.
    • Ask Your Representative To Update FTP: Once you have properly authorized your account, the representative may walk you through the process of logging in to your account. Once logged in, you will need to ask them how to access your hosting account so that you may update your FTP password.
    • Take Note of Login Info:  You will need to provide your designer with FTP Host, Username, and Password.

If you need any additional information on this topic, your web professional should be able to assist you with getting access by getting in contact with your registrar and host.

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