WordPress Website With A Blog

It’s no secret that every business owner wants to be considered the ultimate expert in their industry. But rather than spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising, the best way to become the industry expert is easy, rewarding, and doesn’t cost a dime. Find out how by taking a few minutes of your day to answer common questions on your WordPress website your current customers ask every day, you can become an industry expert.

That’s right: I’m talking about a WordPress website with a blog.  Whether you dabble in blogging, are an avid fan of it, or don’t quite understand it, here’s why you can quickly become the industry expert with a WordPress website with a blog:

  • Many people research before they buy a product or service –  Rather than head to corporate websites – which are optimized to sell anyways – consumers will seek out free and honest online information.  If you answer a question that a potential customer asks, you will be viewed as the expert on that topic. This often means you win the customer. That information often best received in the form of a blog. By choosing a custom-designed WordPress website, your blog will have the same look and feel as your website.  This helps you to build your brand, and while showing you’re in great standing to provide that information to your consumers, thus becoming the industry expert.
  • Customers will often post questions to your blog –  If you answer these questions (and you should!), a fantastic thing will occur: both your customers and search engines will see your website as an industry expert.  Search engines notice if you answer industry questions on your WordPress blog, so they’ll be more likely to direct inquisitive consumers directly to your website. There are many factors that determine exactly how much traffic major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will send to your site.  However, one major secret to getting the most traffic is to have the best answer to the question.
  • Update Website Frequently – A WordPress blog allows you to quickly and easily update information about your company.  Whether you’re promoting the launch of a new product or you were quoted in a local trade magazine, think of your WordPress blog as a highly effective PR machine.

Becoming an industry expert doesn’t have to take decades in the business and thousands of marketing dollars – as you can see, it’s often as simple as running a WordPress website with a blog!

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