Get More Customers With A Website

Online Secrets To Speed Up The Sales Cycle

When it comes to the sales cycle, you know how it operates within your brick-and-mortar business. A few customers come into your store, look around at what you have to offer, and maybe make a few purchases right then and there. Or perhaps you have potential customers call you up with a few requests or questions about your products. Either way, in the physical 9 to 5 world, the sales cycle is often slow to reap rewards. Find out how to get more customers with a website with these secrets to speed up the sales cycle.

But in the online world, things operate a little differently. Here, the sales cycle is sped up significantly. Think about it this way: your customers want to do research before they make a purchase. This is especially true if you sell something major or perform a service, as your customers want to be sure that they’re getting the most bang for their buck.

This is why so many customers take to the Internet in order to perform the research they need. They don’t want to waste their time calling different businesses and driving to various stores just to get price quotes. All of that information is available right at their fingertips – and they’re certainly going to take advantage of it. All they have to do is go to their favorite search engine, type in a few keywords, and be presented with a list of local vendors who are offering exactly what they’re looking for.

So if you’re not online, then you’re seriously missing out on a chance to speed up your sales cycle!

If you have a company website, here’s how you can use it to speed up the sales cycle:

  • Be sure to list all relevant information about your products and services on the website. Don’t be shy – list what makes them so different from your competition. You want your customers to see you as different from everything else that’s out there right now. Therefore, highlight all the wonderful attributes that are associated with your products and services.
    • Online Products – For your products, you will need to include a product overview, specifications, and very importantly include ratings & reviews.
    • Local Services – For services such as home improvement, car repair, personal training, or hair salon it is important to give information about your products and equipment, time of completion, warranties, and guarantees, and remember to include ratings & reviews.
  • Think about the most common questions your customers may have about your products and services. Once you’ve identified these, list them on your website. This should help make you the easy choice for the service they need. By showing that you are the expert on the service they need, it makes it much easier for them to choose you for the service.
  • If you don’t want to list your price point on the website, make sure you have clear links to your email and telephone number. This way, customers can call you with their queries.

Use these hints and tips to speed up the sales cycle!

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