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An online portfolio is a great way to show off your work and promote your business on the internet. You know that a website only provides you with a small window of opportunity to convert readers into loyal clients – and if you want to spike those conversion rates through the roof, it pays to show off your work with an online portfolio.
Let’s face it: you’re a successful business owner with plenty of high-quality projects under your belt. You’re a roofer that can restore a roof to new that will improve the look of a home, or a painter that can turn any room into a work of art, or even a website designer that can build custom websites… Why not show it off to your potential customers? Show off your work with an online portfolio.
While all websites should have a section devoted to providing information on their services, an online portfolio can make a huge impact on increasing your conversion rates and calls, simply because it’s proof of the wonderful work you do. Online consumers want to know that they’re getting the best deal when they choose to work with you. If they can see that they’re guaranteed a higher level of product or service quality with your company, then they’ll be far more likely to become a customer.

So where’s the best place to display your portfolio – and what should you put in it?

The rule of thumb for online portfolios is that they should be easily accessible from your list of services page. You can opt to place a link to your portfolio on that page, or you could cut down on the text and let your portfolio speak for itself. Both methods have their pros and cons, so weigh up the decision carefully before making your choice.
You know your online portfolio should contain your best work – however, don’t overload your readers with heaps of images and files. Simple and efficient are the keywords here; find no more than ten examples of your best work, and feature them in a simple slideshow. For an even greater impact, use before and after photos of your work.

Is your website the only place that offers a free way to promote your business on the internet?

Glad you asked!  There are additional places on the internet where it is important to give examples of your best work.

Facebook is the first place that comes to mind. Simply share your pics with your friends and family on Facebook and with every like, or comment comes to an additional audience of users who may need your service.

Ever thought about recording a before and after video for your projects? Then YouTube is another free way to get visibility with your online portfolio.  Take your time to put your video together to show off your work, then make a video from 1 – 15 minutes long to share with the world.  Many times your video will show up on the search results page for your business name.  When someone goes to Google looking for your business name, how would you like them to see a before and after video of your best work?

If you’re looking for great ways to promote your business on your website for free, show off your work with an online portfolio. If you need help creating your portfolio, hire a website professional to help you create one that reflects your business acumen.

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