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Choose Right Website For Your Business

There are several different types of websites of which you may choose to build for your business. These include HTML, PHP, Asp, .Net, Java, Flash, eCommerce, and Content Management Systems. Find out which is best for your business.
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) websites are basic websites that usually come with little functionality with the exception of a contact form or web slider. The advantages to HTML websites are that they are much easier to make and are usually much smaller sites. This means they are usually less expensive ($300 – $1500 depending on the company) and load very fast on most computers. HTML websites are a great website for companies that are looking for brochure type website that talks about their products or services. These websites look great and won’t need to be updated very frequently. They require minimal maintenance so they will only need to be hosted with a website design firm.
PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) websites is very similar to HTML however, it offers much more flexibility to dynamic website features including databases, membership sites, or offer website forums. The advantages of PHP websites include more dynamic websites that provide a better user experience for website visitors. This means they are usually pricier than HTML websites ($1500 and up depending on the project).
Flash Websites are a multimedia websites that utilizes animation, video, and interactivity. While used by many video games, TV stations, and advertisements, there are many companies that use flash for their business websites. The advantage of flash is interactivity. As a result, they are usually more expensive ($1500 and up based on the project.

The main issue of flash is they are usually very large websites that load very slowly. Users with slow internet access will usually click away from the website before the site is totally loaded. The other issue of flash which may prove to be more serious is that flash websites are not search engine friendly.
A content management system (CMS) is a website that has administrative access in a central place that can be given to 1 or multiple users. This means that as a business owner, for example, will be able to make updates yourself rather than waiting on your designer. Many companies are going with content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. The cost of CMS vary greatly ($1500 and up depending on the project).

Electronic commerce or eCommerce sites are sites that are created for buying and selling of products or services on the Internet.  While eCommerce website can be built in a number of ways including PHP, HTML, CMS, and more the purpose remains to sell more products. The best eCommerce site for your business will depend on the types of products or services you sell. Many companies are going with content management systems for the functionality and adding eCommerce as a plugin. This can save time and money. The cost of eCommerce vary greatly($1500 and up depending on the project).

Hope this article helps you make your decision when trying to choose the best website to build for your business. While there are many different reasons to build each of these types of sites, it is important to find out exactly what you are getting and why a website design company is building this type of site for you.  Browse our website for more SEO SEM tips for find out the best questions to ask a website design company.

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