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Why Choose Us

Internet Advertising Company- Best ServiceWhen hiring an internet advertising company you get a lot more than just a website. You get a team of qualified professionals that will assist you with building your brand by creating a logo and website that reflects the vision and values of your business. You get a team that will help you build your online presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well as on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, Stumble Upon and much more. You get a team that will create an environment that will encourage your customers to write positive reviews about the quality of service that you provide so that you can protect the name that you work so hard to create.

At Elite Web Professionals we take great pride in providing a complete internet advertising solution at an affordable price. Our goal is to empower our clients with a product that will increase their bottom line by building a brand they can be proud of, increasing their online presence in search engines, and protecting their reputation with reviews and testimonials. Our team consists of graphics designers, web developers, and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals.


At Elite Web Professionals we take pride in our work and provide transparency by providing access to Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. Google Analytics provides metrics such as unique visitors, bounce rate (percentage of people who click off of site within 10 seconds), time on site, and keywords used to find the website. While Google Webmaster tools provides real time updates on links to the site, keyword ranking analysis, how many pages have been indexed, duplicate content, and meta tag errors.

Website Financing

The cost of a quality websites can be intimidating to the average small business. That’s why we offer financing options for our custom WordPress websites to make the website affordable over time. When combined with an internet advertising program, our financing program can be a great way to make your website pay for itself.

Website Ownership

The most important question you can ask your website design firm is “Do I own my website once I have completed payment?” Many businesses such as “yellow page companies,” marketing firms, pay per lead services, and online directories will build you a website but will never allow you to own your site. It’s called a website lease. A website lease works by charging you a smaller amount or zero money up front, along with a smaller monthly fee leaving them with the responsibility to cover the entire cost of building the site, as a result, you never own the website because they do.

At Elite Web Professionals, we have come up with an affordable monthly payment plan for your new website so that you have full ownership of the site and all SEO within 12 months.
Time of Delivery – Website design is one of the few items that you will find businesses working on 2, 3, or even 6 months before completion for the simplest website designs. We guarantee that your website will be complete within 4 – 6 weeks provided there are no design delays by you, the customer.

Customer Service

What sets Elite Web Professionals apart from other website design companies is our exceptional customer service. We are available 7 days a week to answer questions and concerns. Every account is overseen by the owner and president to assure the best service and support. Our primary goal is sustaining long-term relationships with our clients.
Exclusivity – There are only 10 website results on the first page of search engines for every keyword that is searched. As a result of this small pool of companies that can compete for a click on each keyword, Elite Web Professionals will only work with 1 company per industry and city. For example, if we work with a painting company in Atlanta, GA we will not work with any other painting companies in Atlanta. This gives us the ability to put all of our efforts and expertise for that one company in his/her marketing area without having to compete against ourselves(In the previous example, cities surrounding that Atlanta area would be available for marketing services).

Hosting Setup and Maintenance

Another 1 of the most important questions you can ask your website design firms is “Where will my website be hosted?”. The best solution for your business will depend on the type person you are. A hosting account will typically need to be renewed every year. The average cost for hosting is between $80 – $120 per year depending on the company you choose. When deciding on whether you want to host your site, or if you want your website design company to host it think about your ability to keep up with your login and password information or how often you change your credit card. You will also need to think about maintenance for your website including updates and security.

At Elite Web Professionals, we offer both options. For our clients that would like us to host their sites they can be confident that their website will be live 99% of the time. We also offer to upload website to your hosting once your website is paid in full.

Website Security

Website hacking is on the rise more than ever before. At Elite Web Professionals we take extra precautions to protect your website with essential plugins, and the latest in website security. We also make sure that your site stays up to date with all of the latest versions of themes, plugins, and WordPress installations.

Upgrades and Add-ons

When it comes to website upgrade and add-ons we are not only a great choice because of our over 20 years of combined web programming experience, but we offer a great price as well. Our programmers have expertise in the following:

– WordPress
– Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, MySQL, JQuery, ASP, Silverlight)
– System Network Administering (LAN, Server Hardware)
– Maintaining and Installing Server Operations Systems (Win 2003 Server, Linux-like)
– Web Development Approaches
– OOP Designing Patterns

With the experience of our team you can rest assured that your projects will be completed correctly and in a timely manner.

Pricing and Affordability

WordPress websites are search engine friendly, user friendly, programmable, and have many open source plug-ins that allow you to do free upgrades that you would like your website to do. While there are many free themes to choose from, creating a custom WordPress website can cost between $3,000 and $20,000. At Elite Web Professionals, we are able to provide the same custom WordPress website in as low as $.40 on the dollar of what other companies charge while including web content, and on page optimization. We are able to offer such low internet advertising prices because we have very low overhead. No fancy office in Atlanta, just hard-working web professionals.

Experience and Expertise

The internet is too big to fail. There are many different ways to make money with your website and your success will depend on the expertise and experience of the web professional that you have working on your project. We have built over 150 websites and have a 100% success rate at getting our clients ranked on the first page of Google. We also have a 100% success rate at getting our clients phone calls as a result of being on the first page. With our vast experience in SEO, Pay Per Click, Local Seach, Social Media, Bookmarking, and Blogging we have created a bullet proof system of internet advertising that creates a healthy online presence, and credible reputation.

Learning and Growing

Our team of web professionals are training to stay informed on the latest updates to search engines, web design layouts, and web browsers.

Training and Tutorials

The internet can be very confusing and intimidating. There are so many different ideas out there about the best way to promote a company form social media and SEO to Pay Per Click and Sponsored Ads. At Elite Web Professionals, we provide trainings and tutorials on everything from how to use your WordPress website to creating and maintaining your social media profiles. First, we build your website and social media profiles. Then, we empower you with the ability to use your website and social media channels to promote your business.

WordPress Website Login Access

Every website comes with a password-protected control panel so you can make updates to your website on your time. Simply login and change your pages! No need to contact your web designer and wait 2-3 business days to make minor changes such as adding pages, making edits to a page, adding images to photo gallery, adding videos, and adding blog posts.

No hidden fees

We tell you the costs upfront with detailed proposals and work hard to complete your project on time as promised. The price we give you in your proposal is the price you will pay for your services. Once you receive our detailed proposal, you can be sure that will be the final price – unless you decide on additional upgrades.

Exceptional Web Programming

This is important because software that generate HTML also generate unnecessary coding in the process. This bulky code produces slower websites, makes them more difficult to maintain, less search-engine-friendly and less accessible to those using mobile devices or assistive technologies. Hand coding produces much more efficient code and gives us ultimate control over the details of your website. For you this means your website will be faster, easier to maintain, search-engine-friendly and works on all web browsers.

Cross Browser Tested

This means that your website will look the same as all web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and last be not least Internet Explorer. If you have had a website before you may have experienced your website looking good on Firefox but having something out of place on Internet Explorer. This is because browser display website differently. We’ll make sure your website looks good in the latest versions of the all major web browsers.

For a list of references, please contact us. Our clients would be happy to tell you about their experience with us and give you more reasons to partner with Elite Web Professionals.

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