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Most Common Website Design QuestionsWhat should I look for in an great website design company?

When it comes to finding a good website design company there is a lot more that goes into it then simply how well your site looks. Many companies find out the hard way that their beautiful flash website does not and will not get much website traffic due to slow loading and poor exposure in search engines. A good web designer will:

  • Communicate to you in a way that you can understand
  • Provide you with a portfolio of sites they have designed
  • Provide you with Upfront Costs – No Hidden Fees
  • Give An Estimated Time Of Completion
  • Offer Hosting and Maintenance
  • Offer Both Basic HTML and Content Management Systems
  • Provide Flexible Payment Options
  • Provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Provide Website Backups and Security

What Is the Average Return on Investment can I expect to receive?

The #1 reason why companies build a website is make money. Therefore when it comes to pricing it should be based on return on investment.  While companies charge different prices, this question will give your web designer a chance to explain how they will give you a return on your investment. It is not always the best to go with the company that is the least expensive because sometimes that means they will deliver the least results.

What type of website will you design and build for me?

There are several different types of websites of which you may choose for design and implementation. These include HTML, PHP, Asp, .Net, Java, Flash, eCommerce, and Content Management Systems.

Find out about advantages of websites based on programming and formatting languages.

What are my payment options?

There are several ways that you can pay for your website. Some companies   will charge you half up front and half at completion of the project(when site is uploaded to your hosting). Another option will be to charge half up front 1/4 at 50%(50% is usually after design approval and development of home page) and 1/4 at completion of the project. Lastly, some companies offer website financing. With financing there is a small setup fee that will cover the website being designed and developed while the remaining balance is paid over a 6, 12, or 18 month period.

How long will it take the web designer to complete the design?

Website design is one of the few items that you will find businesses working on 2, 3, or even 6 months. A good rule of thumb for a brochure website design and development is 30 – 45 days. Companies that offer some type of reasonable guarantee that your website will be complete in a given time will take your project seriously, and work to get your project finished.

What will be my URL or domain name?


Choosing a domain name can be as simple as choosing your company name. However, for some businesses they will find that their name is already taken. This means they will need to be a little creative in choosing the perfect name. Here are some ideas to help you choose a great domain for your business:

  • Consider choosing a domain name that includes your company name and city you service. For example or
  • Think about choosing a domain with the city your serve and the service you provide. For example, a company that offers website design in Decatur, GA can choose the name
  • If you are providing a service nationally, rather than choosing a city with your domain only choose a domain with the service you provide. For example, would be a great domain if it were available. However, you will find that many domains are already taken. Therefore, you may need to combine services you provide. As in the example above, a domain name would be a great option.

Will I own my website once I have completed payment?

One of the most important questions you can ask your website design company is; “Will I own my domain name and website?” Too many people that I talk to about this it seems like an obvious answer, however there are many circumstances where you may not own 1 or neither the domain name nor the website. This will vary greatly depending on the designer you are talking to, however it is important to get the answer to this question up front and in writing.

Find out a few reasons why you may not own your website or domain name(url).

How will I know if people are visiting my website? How will I monitor my website traffic?

It is highly recommended to work with a website design company that offers  web analytics and statistics program.  Programs like Google Analytics shows you how many people visit your website, where they came from, your bounce rate, and what they were searching for on Google to find you.

Programs like and Crazy Egg offer a more advanced look at your site by showing you what pages of your site perform well, and where your web visitors click the most when they land on your page.

Find out how to know if people are visiting your website .

What Is A Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who click on a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page for a short time.

Where will my site be hosted and what is their uptime?

There are several factors to consider with regards to website hosting. I have found that many companies prefer to host with their web designer instead of being responsible for their own hosting. As rule of thumb a website should have 99% uptime if it is with a good web hosting company. When making the decision on what is right for your business there are several things to consider.

Find out the factors to consider when choosing if you should host with your website design company or if  you should host your own site.

How many email addresses do you include with my website?

With your website, your designer should assist you with setting up email addresses with your new domain name in the address. This means no more gmail, comcast, or hotmail on your business cards. The amount of email addresses will vary depending on the company and the scope of your project.

Will I be able to make changes to my own website or will I only have to pay you (web designer) to make updates?

Websites are more dynamic than ever. This means that programmers are able to give everyday business men and women more flexibility with making changes to their website without have to learn HTML, PHP, or any other website language. Consider a content management system(CMS) such as Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress for your website design so that you can save time by making updates quickly yourself. And save money from having to call your designer every time you need to change text, add picture or video.

Find Out About The 3 Most Common Content Management Systems(CMS).

How can I learn to make updates to my website?

You are an expert at running your business, not making websites. However you understand the importance of updating your website, adding photos to your portfolio or you are simply interested in starting your blog but don’t want to pay for web design school. You’re in luck!  Content management systems like WordPress offers video tutorials on their dashboard as well as thousands of user generated tutorials on YouTube. From adding an image to a page to updating your portfolio to adding videos, you can learn how to do anything by watching YouTube.

Do you offer logo design?

Having a company logo can help you establish your identity, strengthen your brand and reinforce your credibility. Ask your Web hosting company if they can create a customized logo design for your website – and if they’ll provide that logo design in several file formats so you can keep your online presence and print marketing materials consistent. (Already have a logo design for your business? Ask your professional Web design company if it can be used in your website design.)

How will my website look on mobile phones?

The explosion in user adoption of mobile devices has revolutionized the web. Though designing for the Mobile Web follow similar principles to designing websites, we must consider some notable differences.

  • For one, current mobile device networks don’t run in the same speed as broadband devices.
  • In addition, there are also a myriad of ways our mobile web designs are displayed in, from touch screens to netbooks, which make even the smallest desktop monitors look like giants.
  • The ideal scenario would be that each device simply scales and adapts to your existing website — and some devices, such as the iPhone, are able to because of their built-in web browser.

How many websites have you made in my industry? What were their results?

A website design company can successfully design and build a great website for any industry, however sometimes a company that has had significant experience in your industry can save you time and money based off of their success with other companies. If you are in love with a company work with this company regardless of whether they have a ton of experience in your industry. Keep in mind, if you have a few questions in your mind already and they don’t have significant experience, it may be worth continuing to look for the best fit for you.

Do you offer Search Engine Optimization?

You can have the most beautiful site in the world, but if no one sees it, you will not be able to use it to grow your business. A company that offers SEO will include very important factors in the coding of your website that search engines require for all websites that receive 1st page placement. This also includes creating web content for your site, listing your site on search engines, and other important components of getting to the top of the search engine charts.

What kind of results can I expect to have from my website? How long should it take for me to see these results?

Your first month with your new website will be the least amount of traffic your site will ever receive. You should expect your site to gradually improve in traffic every month. Whether your focus is on local search, marketing your site nationally or even globally the first month focus of your SEO will be on getting word out that your site is live. In most cases, it should take between 4 – 6 months to give a good idea of what type of leads your site can generate for your business.

Are there other ways than SEO that I can generate additional leads from the internet that you recommend?

There are many ways to generate leads to your business outside of your website. These include social media, pay per click, yellow page directories, or classifieds.

Find out how to use the internet to generate leads to your business in addition to SEO.

I Have a Question that I Didn’t See on This Page.

We want to hear from you. If you have additional questions about an SEO or website designer please send us an email at or contact us.

I hope that you found these answers to best questions to ask a website design company helpful. Browse our website for more questions on internet advertising, SEO, or pay per click advertising.

Website Slider IdeasIf you are wondering what is the best slider for your website the decision is much easier than you think.  Search engines like Google have grown so much over the past 2 years giving web designers and business owners the ability to be much more flexible with their website.

What I’m talking about is flash!

Flash Slider On Website

Yes, as a search engine optimization company I am saying that it is ok to add flash to your website now.

However, not in the ways that many companies choose to use flash with the entire website is flash inside of a frame. I am speaking of the option of adding a strategic flash header that delivers the look or image that best represents your company. The reason for this is that search engines like Google have found a way to successfully crawl flash files, which now helps them to be able to do a better job indexing content from sites that have flash content. For more information on this click here.

My only recommendation for a flash video is that you remember to make sure that the flash file is not so big that it effects the loading time of your page. Search engines now are using the time that your site takes to load as a ranking factor so while for years companies have been trying to use flash, now it is finally ok, it is still important to keep in mind the speed of your site. While search engines are better are crawling flash it is still not the best option for your slider. The best option for your slider is a JavaScript slider.

JavaScript Sliders

For those of you that want to get closer to the simple search engine optimization strategies than choosing a simple JavaScript slider for your website is the option for you.  First I would like to address the notion that JavaScript is just as bad as flash. This is completely false. The biggest flaw with many sites which use JavaScript is that the developer embeds navigation inside of JavaScript menus which render the links invisible to search engine crawlers and therefore the crawler won’t follow those links. However, if you remove the navigation from the JavaScript it then becomes a very powerful scripting tool to help you achieve various effects that you can’t get with HTML.

JavaScript is also handy in helping you reduce code bloat.

Code bloat is what we call it when a regular HTML file approaches the file size limits imposed by the search engines. While there is debate on the actual size, Google said that it can easily index files up to about 100 kB (kilobytes) but may have problems with files which are larger.

Sometimes, there are aspects within a file that must exist for that page to render properly. And sometimes JavaScript can be used to help maintain that functionality but also help reduce the actual file size.

So when you need effective SEO Atlanta business trust, call Elite Web Professionals for web design and internet advertising that works. Call   (770) 766-5600   to schedule an appointment, or browse our website for more information on search engine optimization prices. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.

Find out more tips about website conversion essentials – what should I include on my website for good conversion rates?


Website Header DesignKnowing exactly what you should include in the header of a website is the most important factor in getting good conversion rates. In this post we will discuss how the header of your website design can help you get better conversion rates and more customers from the internet. We will discuss the different elements of the header and how they influence the production of your site.

Meta Tags or Meta Data

The header of your website should have a Meta title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords. In short, these items let search engines know exactly what your page is about. This gives search engines the ability to determine where your site should rank in search results amongst your competitors. Your site is then indexed and the information you place in your meta tags is displayed to people searching for your services. This means that your meta tags are speaking to 2 audiences: Search Engines and Potentials Customers. The best thing to think about when coming up with good meta tags is the needs of your customer. Ask yourself “What will a person look for if they needed the information on this page?” If you do an effective job at answering this question with your meta tags, your website will generate more traffic. For more information on basic search engine optimization factors click here.

Header Design & Layout

There are many different ways that you can design or layout your website header. Whether you have a header menu that is horizontal at the top or vertical on the left side of your site is up to you. However, there are other very important factors that will go a long way to making sure that your site get good conversion rates. You need to include your

  • business name
  • company logo
  • phone number big and bold
  • Social Media Channels

While all of these items may seem obvious to many, the company phone number(the most important item) is often the most neglected item in website design. I have heard everything from I don’t need it there it’s on my contact page to let them send me an email I don’t have time to answer the phone I can just call them back later. Web surfers are more lazy than ever, if you don’t put your contact information in an easy location for them to call you then they will just find another website that does. And with there being thousands, and in some cases millions of other web pages talking about the same thing you are talking about it won’t be that hard for them to find.

An important part of a good search engine optimization strategy is strong conversion rates. When you are working on your website header it comes down to 2 things; first think about what person if they needed the information on your page, then when they click on your page make it easy for them to get this information they need.

So when you need effective SEO Atlanta business trust, call Elite Web Professionals for web design and e-commerce development today. Call  (770) 766-5600  to schedule an appointment, or browse our website for more information on search engine optimization prices. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.

Find out more tips about website conversion essentials – what should I include on my website for good conversion rates?

Website Design ProcessElite Web Professionals explains your entire website design process in these 5 easy steps. Find out how we help you choose your internet advertising package, assist you with a website design, develop your website, optimize your site for search engines and help you to generate customers from the internet.

Choose Your Package

The most important decision in regards to making money from the internet is choosing the right internet advertising program. At Elite Web Professionals we take this very seriously. When we meet with a new customer we ask a ton of questions to get to know your business and get an idea of your short term and long term goals. We then introduce you to our company, show what we have been able to do for our clients. Based off of the information that you provide us about your business, we recommend a solution that will best fit your needs.

Receive Concepts With  Unlimited Revisions

We are excited to serve you with a beautiful website design and internet advertising program.  To get started on your project we request you to deliver us the items on our website design checklist. These items include:

  • Color Scheme of Your Website –  Provide company colors for website.
  • Website Designs That You Love – Provide website designs that you like so that we can get familiar with your style and vision.
  • Logins & Passwords – Provide login and password for your domain name/hosting so that we can upload website once it is complete.
  • Logo Or Branding Material – Provide logo  and previous branding material so that we can be sure to make sure the site fits complete vision of company. Don’t have a logo? Don’t worry! We provide exceptional logo design with most of our website design packages.  Create a custom logo and website design at one great price.
  • Choose Menu Items – Providing menu items for the website can be very important because this reveals allot about the vision of the website. Will your website have a blog, eCommerce,  reviews, or careers page? Having the complete menu items will assist with making sure your website implementation is smooth and efficient.

Once we have received these items, we will provide you with 3 website variations for your review. Hopefully, you will love 1 of the first website designs we provide. If not however, we provide unlimited website design and logo design revisions until you are happy with your design.

Website Development & Implementation

For many, including myself this is the most exciting part of the website design process. In the website implementation & development stage of your process we take the website design the you love the most and make it into a website with all of the features that you discussed when you chose your package.  While considering the most important conversion factors like site speed, conversion forms (contact forms), and prominent placement of company name, phone number, and specials we look to complete your site within the time given on the original agreement.

During your website development your website content is written by our staff. Our writers will do research on your industry to determine the strategies of your competitors to determine the best opportunity in your market. We then discuss the best strategy to approach with your website. Once approved we complete your website content and add it to your site.

At Elite Web Professionals we provide on-page seo with our  website development. This means that when your site is launched to search engines it is built in a way that makes it easy for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to determine the content of your site so that it can be indexed properly in search results.

We also provide a complete maintenance and debugging service for free for 6 months of your website design. Maintenance includes website updates for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal,  and other content management systems, as well as troubleshooting your website if it is not functioning properly. For more information click here.

Reach Potential Customer When They Are Ready To Buy 

Congratulations on your new website design!  Having a great website is only the first step in generating customers from the internet. Once your site is live, our primary goal is to make sure that your website gets as much exposure as possible.  We use search engine optimization, local search, and pay per click advertising strategies to assist with increasing your presence on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In order to achieve this goal we use thousands of web pages and directories to make sure your company information is updated and optimized. Some websites approach the first page of Google organically within 30 days, however many times it takes between 3 – 6 months to dominate search engines in a local market and to start to generate substantial leads to a website.

Get Customers From Your Website

In order for you to be happy with your website we understand that you must have a good return on investment. We are dedicated to making sure that your website realizes these goals. This dedication is the reason why we have 100% success rate at getting our clients on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We also have 100% success rate at generating leads as a result of this placement on search engines.

Once you have seen that your website is working successfully, we recommend that you reanalyze your internet advertising program to see if you can handle additional business. If the answer is yes, our experts provide a more aggressive program to suit your needs.  Many times the best way to get confidence to be more aggressive is to see that a site can consistently deliver a good return on investment. To say it simply, find out what works and do it again, again, and again.

Elite Web Professionals provide a simple website design process and an effective ways to promote website online.  For information on how we can help you with your website needs, browse our website for more information on our website design services. We provide comprehensive search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising services to help you grow your business online.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Factors

If you have your own website or are thinking about launching one, then chances are you’ve heard about search engine optimization.  Search engine optimization – otherwise known as SEO – is an umbrella term used to describe the techniques and methods used to bring a website to the top of a search engine’s natural listings.


Not sure what this means?  Think of the last time you entered a word or phrase in your favorite search engine.  The listings that appeared on the search results page are known as natural listings – and they’re not there due to a random occurrence or because they got lucky.  Rather, the website makers understood the most powerful on page SEO factors and used them to the best of their ability.


If you’re not sure of what the best on page SEO factors are, then read on to find out! Read below on the basics of On Page optimization factors.

  • Meta Tags: Think of your web content as information that your human visitors read, while meta tags are information that is primarily directed for search engines to “read.”  Search engines send out crawler software – known as search engine spiders – that travels through the Internet via these meta tags.  If your meta tags are carefully optimized with your most relevant keywords and placed in the appropriate places on your website, search engines will quickly recognize your content as valuable and send it straight to the top.

Meta tags include:

  1. The title tag – This is the title of the particular web page;
  2. The description tag – This is the information that’s presented in search engine results pages, and can provide a great opportunity for search engine optimization;
  3. Keywords – These are phrases and words that apply to your industry, and are used frequently by your customers.  The best keywords should be lucrative but shouldn’t have much competition.
  • Header: Header tags can be crucial to giving your web page the extra boost it needs to crawl up the search engine results page.  A header tag – also known as H1, H2, etc. – should be placed around any titles and subtitles in your web content.
  • Inter-site linking: Inter-site linking refers to the way your site links to other pages on its own website.  This allows the search engine spiders mentioned above to crawl through your entire website and categorize it accordingly.
  • Alt Text: Alt text is simply a phrase used to describe text that’s used for images on your website.  You can optimize this text with your keywords for an additional boost of SEO juice.
  • Relevance of Body Copy: Finally, your body copy will play a large role in your ultimate search engine ranking.  Your optimized web content should strike the right balance between providing readers with plenty of relevant information while catering to search engine requirements.

In the word of on page SEO factors, it pays to have an expert to guide you through the complicated and somewhat confusing process.  If you want to guarantee that your website will place as highly as possible, don’t be afraid to call in the SEO experts.


So when you need effective SEO Atlanta business trust, call Elite Web Professionals for web design and e-commerce development today. Call (770) 766-5600 to schedule an appointment, or browse our website for more information on search engine optimization prices. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.

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